Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Physics, my bane.

So I'm a week and 2 days into preparing for the MCAT which I take on August 19. I can now identify with that often repeated Chinese proverb ; "
Even the longest journey must begin where you stand." The Kaplan MCAT Course starts off with Physics, a class I'm taking at UNL later this summer. Needless to say, its proving a challenge to understand material from a class I haven't taken yet. But the kind folks at Kaplan assured me that this is the best method for my situation, and it will only reinforce what I will learn when I come to the real class.

I start the physics class in the beginning of June which means I have about 5 weeks of solid studying, after that the MCAT studying will have to compete with Physics but I think this will be manageable.

This summer is going to be a tough one but I trust that by the grace of God I will get through.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Went to the park...

A couple of pictures from this Saturday at Pioneer's Park.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hasta luego Francia Sirpi...

Today's the day, the longest day in the longest 3 months of my life, the last day in Francia, the last day before we take one more terrible deuce ride into Puerto Cabezas. It’s a wonderful feeling, it means that soon I'll have internet, flush toilets, warm showers, food other than rice and beans, and all the other comforts that come along with not living in the bush. But its also not without mix feelings that I'm leaving this place; I think I'm actually going to miss this place. Probably when I'm busy beyond belief this summer I'm going to look back at the times when I thought I was so bored and think 'why didn't I enjoy it when I had the chance?'

I'm also a bit discouraged by the immense need here that is not being met, I hope that at some point I'll have more to contribute to these people. There needs to be a concerted effort at educating the Miskitos about how to improve their health and livelihoods. Until this happens clinics and de-worming medications are only a stop-gap measure.